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Data telecom Is a communication company providing digital and Ip telephony systems computer local and wide area networking (LAN/WAN) connectivity and internet solution to business in great Los Angeles area.
Backed by huge technical background and factory certified technicians we bring all the new communication and computer area for you to your location. So we are here for you You will get peace of mind in this area and trust a local friend how will work hard for your needs.

Data Telecom’s objective been always providing excellent and reliable service for our customers.

Data Telecom offers Telecommunication equipment made by major manufactures such as TOSHIBA, NEC, PANASONIC, LUCENT, NORTEL and much more And providing service and maintaining voice mail systems and auto attendant systems Such as STRATAGY, ACTIVE VOICE, AMMANDA, systems. And voice over ip systems.

We also provide our customers with advanced surveillance camera monitoring Systems for optimize security in your work place.

So we stand behind you in all your communications, networking, and surveillance need. If it is one line or 1000 lines, if it is a single loop line, or a T1/PRI lines, it’s never too big or too small for us.

So consult your true and reliable friend DATA TELECOM Call us tall free 1 877 249 5477.